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We are two brothers with a passion for cars - especially American iron

We are living in Löddeköpinge (or in English, Loddekopinge) in the south of Sweden. 

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Have a look at our cars


Thomas  '55 Chevrolet Bel Air

Mats  '38 Ford






My dog

...named   CHEVY

...of course




When we need FAST food FAST we use Mats FAST car......270 Km/h

Street machine, Street Rod, Hot Rod, Custom, Andersson, Bros, Classic chevy, chevy 55, 55Chevy, chevy-5

It's a killer!

Very neat Rod!




I had a short photoshoot with the Swedish Police a while ago

If you have seen American Grafitti - you know the drill with officer Holstein

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Go for a ride in my Chevy





I have created a small database with Classic Chevys located in the south of Sweden

CLASSIC CHEVY Database of South Sweden




A few pictures from meetings in Sweden

Power Start of Summer meet

Power Street Finals


Power Start of Summer meet

Classic Chevy Club Sweden Summer meet

Classic Chevy local meet




Welcome to the TriFive community!

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Own Shop!

My brother and a friend started their own shop 2003

Have a look at


The site is in Swedish but you can always enjoy the pictures



The WINNERS........




Click below for some of our friends' cars  (garage scenes)




I saw an article in the old Summit catalogue the other day. They were talking about the 'Worlds fastest street driven GTO'. Well, I don't know about that...Check out this guy, Alf, from a neighbour town  

A real street driven GTO with a powerplant from the famous man - Jimmy Oddy

572 Merlin II / Kuhl 14-71 / 1001 Hp   on pumpgas

5,79 sek / 124 Mph on the 1/8 mile

Alf, a real sportsman, driving to and from all races, with the picnic basket in the trunk...

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(the site is in Swedish but enjoy the pictures...)



The Whole Gang on the road









Pictures from the visit to


This is a couple of years old now. Erik Hansson moved from Sweden to California !! 


American Graffiti

Paul LeMat visiting Sweden

A while ago we had a visit by the famous "John Milner", signing posters etc.

I bought a poster, of course, and the following takes place:

Me:  Can you please write "To the winner from Paul LeMat"

Paul: ...."To the winner"??

Me: Yeah, you see, I've got a 55 Chevy

Paul: ...Oh no! No way, not a chance!... *big laugh*

Finally we agreed on his suggestion 'Who won...?' 


Listen to one of the best dialogs in the movie

or view this outstanding clip




 This is the weather here in the south of Sweden

Why am I not living in Bakersfield ????



American iron in Sweden

For those of you who are not so familiar with Sweden and the enormous interest in American cars:

- We have close to 9 million people living here in Sweden

- The Swedish Corvette Club is the biggest in the world (outside USA)

- The Power Big Meet gathers close to 25000 American cars -  Power Big Meet





....annoying with these American Racing wheels hanging around isn't it?...  


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